Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick swatch & review

Isn’t it nice when something super hyped actually turns out to be, well… good? Isn’t it also nice when a colour that you were fully expecting to look terribad actually ends looking, well… good?
Good? Good. You know what else is good? Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick colour balm.

Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick

Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick

You may remember my post last month where I was whisked away to Clinique HQ for a run-down of everything Clinique happening in the next few months. I tried the Chubby Sticks then and made all sorts of happy noises about them, but only in the past week have I had time to properly devote myself to taking Whole Lotta Honey out for a spin.

Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick

Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick

Chubby Sticks are a sheerly tinted lipbalm in a wind-up case. As with just about every Clinique product, the packaging is chunky and reassuringly solid. The product itself is just as it says on the tin: a moisturising balm with just enough colour to tint your lips, but not so much colour that you need to be mindful of super neat application.

The texture of the balm itself if almost gel-like on the lips, applying smoothly without feeling buttery or greasy. I found it to be suitably moisturising but plenty of people have said it doesn’t pack enough of a moisture punch. If you work in dry airconditioning or your lips tend to run dry, a Chubby Stick probably isn’t going to be enough to replace a dedicated lip moisturiser.
Chubby Sticks have a subtle healthy sheen but are – thankfully – nowhere near as slick and shiny as gloss. You could easily pair one with a full face of make-up for a subtle polished lip or just rock them with bare skin like I have below:

Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick

Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick

Brown and I don’t get along well. Everyone has a colour that they just can’t wear, and unfortunately most brown shades are the enemy of this cool-toned ghostgirl. When I pulled out Whole Lotta Honey I initially cringed at the thought of how horrible it was going to look on me.
…never say that I’m unwilling to admit when I’m wrong. Whole Lotta Honey looks fab on me. It gives a delicate glaze of colour to my lips but doesn’t overpower my natural pink tone, leaving me with a wearable, natural shade that neatly straddles the line between lip treatment and sheer lipstick.

Chubby Sticks will be at all Clinique counters and from Myer for AU$35 each. Adorbs. Get on it!

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  1. Cassie

    Thanks for reviewing this – I’ve been eyeballing this exact colour for some time now, trying to decide if it’s worth throwing down the considerable chunk of cash they are asking (for a lip balm, anyway). Good to hear it might actually be worth it!

  2. VarnishVixen

    This color is gorgeous on you…and who would of thought after seeing the pencil. I like the Chubby Sticks a lot because you don’t need to sharpen them, unlike the NARS lip gloss pencils!

    1. swatchgirl

      It’s a nothing colour in the most positive sense of the term – not too brown, not too opaque, not too shiny. I think I might have to treat myself to Melon when it’s officially out on Sunday :3

  3. Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful

    wow, had i saw that colour on the counter, i never would have picked it up. It just looks like it’s going to be a disastrous colour! But wow, that’s so different to what it actually looks like, it’s actually gorgeous!

  4. Di

    ooh I’m a bit excited! I love new lip products, and I’ve been a Clinique fan for years. It totally looks great on you!

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