Laura Mercier – Creme Smooth Foundation

Laura Mercier - Crème Smooth Foundation

Laura Mercier - Crème Smooth Foundation

I got a generous sample of Laura Mercier’s new Crème Smooth Foundation last week and I’ve been giving it a quick test run since then. Crème Smooth is a creamy, semi-solid cream foundation suitable for normal to dry skin that wants high coverage without being super cakey. In a continued nod to the crossover between skincare and makeup, Crème Smooth is dosed up with Dermaxyl, a cosmeceutical that advertises itself as a topical wrinkle smoother that offers both an immediate plumping effect and measurable, long-term results in four to six weeks.

Laura Mercier - Crème Smooth Foundation

Crème Smooth Foundation in Blush Ivory on bare, unprimed skin.

I have no real opinion on the cosmeceutical agent in the foundation (both because of the short trial period and, depending on how generous you want to be towards me, I’m either too young for wrinkles or my skincare regime is too effective to allow anything more than temporary surface dehydration lines) but the texture of the foundation is quite moist and remains slightly tacky on the skin for hours after application. Deffo can’t skip the powder on this one unless your skin is bone dry.

Coverage is a high medium and doesn’t require a great deal of working to get it to smoothly melt into your skin. I have a lot of redness and freckles and this foundation gave excellent coverage, albeit at the expense of being a little physically thick. I would definitely suggest wearing a primer with this cream as it can be a little pore-tastic if you overwork it.

Short version: snaffle it if you want lots of coverage in a smooth, creamy consistency and have dry skin. Skip it if you’re oily, like a more natural finish or are allergic to spending AU$82 on a pot of foundation.

Laura Mercier Crème Smooth foundation is AU$82 for 30g of product, available at Laura Mercier counters in David Jones and selected Myer stores.

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