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Well hola! I’ve had a mad weekend – catching up with the ladies behind Love Vulcanella, Jade Musing, An Obsession With the FabulousThe Plastic Diaries, Penumbra Beauty, I Came To Make A Bang and Beat Ideas on Saturday, then Sunday spent having some much needed downtime with The Chap.

Speaking of last Saturday, I had a bit of a rummage through the nail polish collection to find something a little twinkly and a little cute to pop on my nails. Zoya’s Ivanka was the first thing I found and I think its emerald finish and reflective sass fit the bill perfectly!

Zoya - Ivanka

Zoya - Ivanka

Ivanka is a bright grassy green microglitter polish with a sheer emerald base. It applies thinly which, for once, is a good thing – thin coats give you opacity in two to three coats without being a thick, chunky mess. The fine glitter means you can wrap the tips easily without the edges feeling rough or lifting, and even without a topcoat it dries to a reasonably smooth finish.
Removal is about on par with other polishes with this finish, so I end up soaking my nails to soften up most of the polish and then it takes a few more wipes to get most of the glitter particles off the nail bed. It’s no good for my nails but a generous application of thick cuticle balm negates most of the drying damage.

My only complaint with this polish is that the wear time is pretty rotten. I’m lucky if I can get two days from it without chips appearing on the edge of my nails, and I know this low wear time is something that other people have blogged about as well. If I ever chance across a magical combination of base- and topcoat that plays nicely with Zoya products, I’ll be all over it like a cheap suit!

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  1. Jacie

    Zoya and I DO NOT get along most of the time. I find the only way it lasts is for it to go over nude nails (no base coat). I get staining but at least I get longevity as well.

    1. swatchgirl

      That’s an idea then. As long as it isn’t a red or a dark shade, I guess any staining wouldn’t be too bad.

      Zoya’s response is to use their own base coat, which is fair enough, but it’s not like I can pop into the chemist and get it!

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