OPI Burlesque collection – Show It And Glow It

I really have no willpower. I told Varnish Vixen that no, I wasn’t planning on getting anything else from OPI’s Burlesque collection because – and I quote – ‘I’m a bit glittered out’. Well, uh, one week later and I ended up getting two more polishes from the collection and one of them is a total glitterfest. Oh dear.

OPI - Show It And Glow It

OPI - Show It And Glow It

Show It and Glow It is a lavender glitter polish made of lavender microglitter and slightly larger pieces of multicoloured and silver glitters, all suspended in a clear base. The ability to get nice coverage is surprisingly good – shown above is two coats, neither of them particularly thick. The texture when dry isn’t particularly lumpy but it’s definitely not smooth either, so be prepared to apply a very generous application of Seche Vite unless you like the feeling of sandpapery nails.

I never get particularly good wear time out of glitters due to the very rigid way they adhere to the nail and this wasn’t any different: some chipping on the edges of my nails after a day and quite substantial peeling after two. I do a great deal of typing though and tend to strike the keys with the upper pad of my finger/the edge of my nail, so if you’re a lot lighter on your hands then you’re going to get much, much better wear than I do.

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  1. hollypop

    wow i love this one! it’s all-in-one instead of needing to paint a glitter over the top of a solid.
    i’ve got the Ali’s Big Break from this collection and it’s amazing.
    i really love glitters, they make me feel 14 again, but more self possessed.

  2. Varnish Vixen

    Oh man…so far I’ve been holding out against this collection, but each time I see a new swatch of it, I decide I just NEED to get it. I think my willpower is finally starting to erode. Now I at least want Shimmer & Shimmer, Show It and Glow It, and The Show Must Go On…oh my poor wallet. (and my poor nails when I have to remove these guys!)

    1. swatchgirl

      I think it’s a little easier – this was only two coats and Absolutely Alice was a three-coater for me. Show It was also a lot less chunky and rough once it dried.

      Absolutely Alice is more a unique riot of colour though!

  3. Jade

    Lol I remember hearing you say you were a bit glittered out, pretty though <3 What was that Calcium nail polish thingy you recommended on Sat, clearly I was only thinking of cupcakes and forgot immediately *eeep*

      1. Jade

        Thanks :D I must go get some, mine are in a constant state of peeling mess, hence why I end up clipping them so short all the time 0_o

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