MAC Holiday 2010 – A Tartan Tale

Stand back, folks, this is a big one.

MAC - A Tartan Tale

MAC – A Tartan Tale

I cherrypicked the Holiday 2010 release from MAC at the Paddington Pro store today and picked up some edited highlights. Swatches and product images of Glamora Castle eyeshadow, Follow Your Fantasy eyeshadow, Cut A Caper lipstick and Passing Fancy Dazzleglass Creme are all after the cut!

All of these pictures are half sized – click on them for full sized goodness!

MAC - A Tartan Tale eyeshadows

MAC – A Tartan Tale eyeshadows

The Tartan Tale eyeshadows are powder eyeshadows with imprints of brighter/darker shades (depending on the colour of the primary eyeshadow) in similar colour families. The imprinted stripes don’t go through the eyeshadow, but are shallowly impacted into the surface. The texture is quite fine and powdery but not overtly flaky or crumbly.

MAC - Follow Your Fantasy

MAC – Follow Your Fantasy

Follow Your Fantasy is a delicate melon eyeshadow with a frost finish. There are warm tan accents across the top of the shadow, but as we’ve all discovered, the alternate colour doesn’t go further than a scant millimetre into the powder.

MAC - Follow Your Fantasy applications

MAC – Follow Your Fantasy applications

Some application comparisons for Follow Your Fantasy:

  • Dry – the colour is a sheer gilded wash of colour, more like a delicate rose gold than a melon colour.
  • Applied over primer – applied over Too Faced Shadow Insurance gives the full colour effect of this shadow. The colour is still quite delicate and isn’t a bright, punchy orange-melon.
  • Applied over a coloured base – applied over MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot, which is a similar if not identical colour to Follow Your Fantasy. The solid base of colour makes the eyeshadow richer and more lustrous, so this is ideal if you’re looking to emulate the colour that you see in the pan.
MAC - Glamora Castle

MAC – Glamora Castle

Glamora Castle is a cool grey shadow with surface accents of woad blue. Even with the blue layer wiped away, the grey shadow applies with a significantly greenish tint to it – not enough to obviously green, but enough that’d I’d be careful of buying this if you have pronounced dark circles under your eyes or pigmentation around your eyelids.

MAC - Glamora Castle application

MAC – Glamora Castle application

Some application comparisons for Glamora Castle:

  • Dry – the colour is a sheer green grey. The frost gives it a slightly ashy effect.
  • Applied over primer – applied over Too Faced Shadow Insurance gives a much brighter pop of colour. The payoff is still slightly sheer though, and the green undertone shifts more teal.
  • Applied over a coloured base – applied over MAC Blacktrack Fluidline. Much, much better! This turns Glamora Castle into a really rich, smoky shade with a pronounced teal shimmer. I think when I wear this shadow, it’s basically always going to be applied over a dark green, dark teal, smoky grey or black base colour to give it this nice depth of colour.
MAC - Cut A Caper

MAC – Cut A Caper

Cut A Caper is a coral that looks much, much brighter in the tube than it does applied. Swatched on skin and on the lips, the colour is more of a creamsicle orange than a vibrant neon coral – it’s surprisingly wearable in a way that, say, Vegas Volt isn’t. The lustre formula generally isn’t my favourite lipstick finish, but in this case it gives a nice application of colour that doesn’t dominate your natural lip tones. If your lips are very pigmented I suggest that you try before you buy as I suspect that it can go mondo ashy.

MAC - Passing Fancy

MAC – Passing Fancy

Hey, I can summarise Passing Fancy in four words! Easiest review ever: Smile Dazzleglass with pigment. Still quite sheer, but enough to give a subtle apricot glaze to the lips with twinkles of bright shimmer. I purchased this primarily to leave it in my bag/in the car as a no fuss sheer gloss that I can apply bare-faced or glammed up; the shimmer isn’t particularly intense so it doesn’t have the discolips effect that the other two pale Tartan Tale Dazzleglass Cremes have.

MAC Cut A Caper and Passing Fancy

MAC Cut A Caper and Passing Fancy

Rock and roll! Let me know if you pick up anything from this collection.

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