Lush – Christmas Goodies 2010!

I’m definitely not going to win any awards for good photography for this post, but here’s a fast and furious rundown of some of Lush’s Christmas products for this year. Some I’ve tried already and others are on my to-use list but I’ll note down which is which. Some items I didn’t buy because I’m not a fan (Snow Fairy!) or because there wasn’t any stock available.

Lush - Candy Cane bubble bar

Lush - Candy Cane bubble bar

Lush, why you gotta do this to me? I saw the name Candy Cane, I got excited because I thought Lush was finally going to do something yummy and pepperminty for once and… no. No peppermint to be found, just another Snow Fairy scented product. I know it’s popular, but between Snow Fairy wash, lip tint, this bubble bar and the bubblegum lip scrub (Snow Fairy under an assumed name) I am just so, so Snow Fairy-ed out.

The bar is a generous size and enough for three baths, so no need to hoard this one. Candy Cane is AU$6.95 and vegan friendly.

Lush - Gingerbread House bubble bar

Lush - Gingerbread House bubble bar

You need to squint a little to get it, but Gingerbread House is, well, a little gingerbread house with sprinkles and a clove for a chimney (to be honest I thought it was a little pudding until I saw the somewhat perfect one pictured on the Lush site and had a moment of realisation!). If you’ve ever used Philosophy’s Gingerbread Man shower gel this scent will be very, very familiar: a soda-y, faux ginger essence scent without the zip and kick of fresh ginger. Pleasant though, and it makes a ridiculous amount of bubbles.

Gingerbread House bubble bar is big enough for generous two baths. It’s AU$6.95 and vegan friendly.

Lush - Glogg

Lush - Glogg shower gel

Hmm. I’m in two moods about Glogg – I love the idea of it and rich spicy mulled scents are generally my favourites, but each time I take a sniff of this in the bottle all I can smell is really plasticky plastic and I’m put off using it. I’m going to take Glogg for a spin tonight and hopefully the addition of hot water will emphasise the brandy, citrus and wine notes instead of, y’know, plastic.

Glogg is AU$9.50 for the small 100g bottle pictured above and is vegan friendly.

Lush - Satsumo Santa

Lush - Satsumo Santa bath ballistic

This bath ballistic is enormous. I normally don’t break up bath ballistics into multi-use portions like I do bubble bars and melts, but I’m going to have to change that for Satsumo Santa. I haven’t used Satsumo Santa yet because a.) I don’t know how you can portion up a bath ballistic without going all crumbly and turning into powder, and b.) using it all at once, even in an oversized corner tub like we have, seems just wildly excessive and I suspect it’d make my skin go crazy. Seriously, this thing weighs as much as a grapefruit!
The scent is a pleasant mandarin and orange blossom mix which I think will be nice and mellow in the tub. I thought initially it was going to be similar to Karma, but Satsumo Santa is a lot smoother and less sharp.

Satsumo Santa is AU$5.95 and is vegan friendly.

Lush - Winter bath ballistic

Lush - Winter bath ballistic

Mmm, technically inappropriate for the southern hemisphere. Winter is a bright and tangy mix of ginger and lemongrass with a fair whack of soy milk powder. It’s enough to make the tub milky but not totally opaque, and it doesn’t leave a big powdery ring around the bath either. To me it’s more invigorating than warming, so I say keep this one as a morning bath if you’re a lady of luxury. If I used this one at night I suspect it’d keep me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a few hours.

Winter is AU$5.25 (cheaper due to its smaller size than most bath ballistics) and, in a change from normal, is listed as not vegan friendly.

I purchased these from the Lush Store at QVB in the city where they only had limited stock – other items like my old favourite Cinders bath ballistic, larger bottles of Glogg, Iced Wine shower jelly and other bits of pieces weren’t out. I’m hoping to drop by later this week and grab a few bits and pieces that weren’t available!

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  1. Rachel

    I’ll take your Candy Cane!! haha, I’ve never had any of Lush’s Snow Fairy products! Thanks for the pics and good descriptions. :]

    1. swatchgirl

      If you like bubblegum scents you’ll LOVE Snow Fairy. I prefer clean green scents or things like peppermint so it’s just way, way too sweet for me.

      Thanks for the feedback :D

  2. Jade

    A plasticky Glogg is not good, I’m really loving my Glogg <3

    I'm wishing I had picked up the Winter ballistic after reading your post, it sounds right up my alley being somewhat a lady of leisure hehe :D

    1. swatchgirl

      Glögg was much better once I used it – I think it really needed hot water and lathering to get it to smell really nice. The red wine scent is really, really yummy.

      It sounds weird but I’d like a bit of Winter in a spritz bottle (or make up a ginger and lemongrass tonic) because it would make a fantastic room spray :3

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