MAC – Mean & Green nail lacquer

Ok, here comes the last of the Venomous Villains nail polishes from MAC!

MAC - Mean & Green

MAC - Mean & Green

Mean & Green is a duochrome polish that shifts from a drab olive green to a cold metallic purple, with a few flecks of pink here and there to give it some spice. The formula is as smooth as the other two polishes with no brush marks or bald spots, although this polish needed three coats to get full coverage. Yet again the brush was a splayed out mess as I unscrewed it from the bottle for the very first time – I guess I’m doomed to never find a MAC nail lacquer that has a neat, tidy application brush.

MAC - Mean & Green

MAC - Mean & Green

I’m not giving a whole lotta love to Mean & Green. I normally like yuckyum nail polishes (so ugly they’re pretty), but this one is just too bruised, too murky and doesn’t have that indescribable something that makes me fall in love with other fugly polishes. Like Formidable!, I think I might hang onto this for a while to see if it grows on me before swapping it away or giving it to a friend.

So there we go! Three nail polishes down – check out Formidable! and Bad Fairy if you haven’t yet – and a Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Truth & Light and a powder blush in Bite Of An Apple to go.

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  1. marthine

    hi! i realy like this one.(mean & green) but i didn’t got the chanse to buy it.. do you know anyone who has it, that don’t want it? they are all out here in Norway:(

    1. swatchgirl

      Have you looked in the Clearance Bin on There’s a few VV goodies up for sale or swap at very reasonable prices.

      Otherwise I guess eBay might be the way to roll, although you might get stung with expensive eBay prices :(

      Let me know if you find a bottle!

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