Lush Full of Grace facial serum review

I’ve obliquely mentioned a few times that I have skin that’s a bit reactive, so I’m becoming a bit of a jaded expert in finding products that stop my skin from freaking out without being super thick or super pointless. Unfortunately the market for true sensitised/reactive skin-friendly products is very niche, and generally overwhelmed by products that make fatuous claims about being appropriate for that most abused and misunderstood of skin conditions, sensitive skin.

Lush Full of Grace facial serum is a bit of strange bird. The easiest way I can describe it is that it’s a solid facial serum bar akin to the daughter of a Lush massage bar and mistress of the now legendary Origin’s Plantidote Mega Mushroom facial serum. Mega Mushroom serum and Full of Grace share more than a few similar ingredients – primarily chamomile and mushroom – and both target skin that requires soothing, is bothered by dryness and tightness or requiring some extra love due to inevitable aging.

Lush Full of Grace facial serum

Lush Full of Grace facial serum

When I purchased Lush Full Of Grace I didn’t ask for much in the way of usage tips, so the past few weeks have been a comedy of errors trying to work out how to effectively use it (hint: don’t apply it straight to your face unless you plan on hyper-hydrating your skin for days upon days, or at least are willing to spend a bit of time steaming your face over a bowl of hot water).
The official Lush way to use this is to warm it between your hands and then gently massage your hands over your skin, but who am I to ever follow proper useage instructions?

After much back and forth-ing, here are my two favourite ways to wear Full of Grace:

  • As a skin treatment: I warm up the top of the bar by gently skating my fingers over it – the melting point of both murumuru nut butter and almond oil is so low, it takes barely a second to get a nice moist sheen on the bar – and generously massage onto bare skin before hopping into a nice warm bath and letting the heat and steam gently absorb the serum into my skin. Lush suggest using this underneath a face mask, but I felt like I just had way too much product on my face for that.
  • As a targeted serum: I work in some fairly brutal air conditioning, so my skin dehydrates super quickly in certain parts of my face – around the top of my cheekbones near my eyes, the sides of my mouth, between my brows. I get a little bit of serum on my fingertips as before, massage into those key spots before finishing with regular moisturiser. I wait a few minutes before applying my primer and make-up just to be extra sure that it has all absorbed and isn’t going to clash with my make-up.

After a month of trialling this, I’m giving it a thumbs up. It has enough moisture that I’m happy to wear it by itself as a moisturiser on days where I’m not going outside or wearing make-up, but it’s not so overpowering that you’re going to feel like you have an oil slick on your face (unless apply it straight to your face in an orgiastic fit of massaging, natch!). It’s definitely been a great help at combating dehydration, and that’s enough of a positive for me to keep using it.

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