Lara’s Big Book of Lush Bath Bits!

Bits and pieces and things from Lush: I use an awful lot of them. This is all the set-up I need for the first instalment of what promises to be a long, multi-post epic of bath- and body- and face- related goodies, trust me.

Lush - Amandopondo bubble bar

Lush Amandopondo bubble bar

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. One Lush Amandopondo Bubble Bar crumbled under hot running water gave me a bath full of dense, creamy bubbles that stayed bubbly for ages, then melted into a plush cream that smelt divine. A lot of the bubble bars make my skin go absolutely bonkers (I get a temporary red rash across my chest and shoulders, with little welts that look like sandfly bites) but my skin remained clear, calm and happy with Amandopondo.
The fragrance is rich and rosy without being overpowering, with just a slight hint of an orange citrus note that stops the entire bath from smelling like straight rose oil.
Getting this one in stores seems to be a bit of a crapshoot though. When I really want it it’s always out of stock. :(

Amandopondo is vegan and retails for AU$8.50. Highly recommended!

Lush - Avobath bath ballistic

Lush Avobath bath bomb

Hmm. I don’t know what to say about Lush Avobath Bath Bomb, because the one I used recently was in no way similar to the various official descriptions and user reviews. No lemongrass or bergamot for me, just a blank neutral scent supporting a slightly unpleasant background note of something ashy, almost like hot plastic. After a few minutes my other half and I asked each other if we could smell something burning and the bath was interrupted by a few minutes of stalking around the house to make sure nothing was smouldering or on fire.
The colour of the bomb was also different than how others have described it. The dry product was a sickly teal (pictured above) instead of a clean green, and in the tub it was a murky green.

Any bath ballistic that’s ends up with the bath being drained, rinsed out and refilled with Radox instead isn’t my idea of a great relaxing time. I might, if I’m feeling generous, try this one again sometime in the distant future. For now though, I’m not impressed.

Avobath is vegan and retails for AU$7.95.

Lush - Butterball

Lush Butterball bath bomb

Oh, Lush Butterball bath bomb. How can you be such an old faithful but still be hit or miss? After much trial and error, I only pick up a Butterball if I can see that there isn’t a great deal of cocoa butter in it. A bit of cocoa butter is a wonderful thing, but a bath ballistic full of big chunks just means that I’m going to have the worlds slipperiest bath followed by a messy bathtub clean-up. I can’t really settle in and read nerd magazines when I’m a deep breath away from accidentally slipping and giving myself a righteous dunking, right?
A Butterball with a sensible amount of cocoa butter, however, is nice and moisturising without being overtly oily or filmy. It’s enough that you can bounce out of the bath and towel off to reveal nice, lustrous skin, and not feel like you’re wearing an oily overcoat. The scent is pleasingly mild, just a subtle whiff of musk (man-made, not naturally sourced) and ylang ylang oil.

Butterball is vegan and retails for AU$6.50.

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