Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb review

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb

Straight up: this is easily my favourite product from Lush. Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb is a sparkling mix of bright citrus scent, a little lavender to ground it, lots and lots of salt, and lots and lots of seaweed! The seaweed is arame seaweed, so pretty much it’s exactly the same stuff used to make Japanese broths like dashi. Arame seaweed is also very high in vitamin A, so between this and the skin-softening coarse rock salt, this bathbomb is particularly nice if you’re planning on finishing your soak with a nice body scrub. The seaweed is also very permeable so it gets extremely soft after only a moment or two. This softness isn’t just nice on your skin, it also makes it very easy to go down your bathtub drain without clogging.

The amount of colour is enough to tint the bathwater a nice swimming pool blue, but it doesn’t leave a ring around the edge like Honey Bee or a thick oily sludge like Ceridwyn’s Cauldron. If you want another huge positive, it doesn’t contain glitter!

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb is vegan-friendly and retails for AU$7.95 at Lush stores and at!

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