Zoya nail polish in Mimi (swatch and review)

Zoya - Mimi

Zoya – Mimi

Confession: this is the first Zoya product I’ve ever tried.

Not through a lack of wanting to try, mind you. They have virtually no retail presence in Australia, and their artofbeauty.com.au distributor is nearly a year out of date with products, is a little too expensive for shipping and uses a slightly awkward flat rate to calculate P&H fees ($8.50 if you just want one product, well over 50% of the cost of the actual nail polish) and is generally not exactly a must-see for non-commercial buyers. So I’ve wanted to try their products for a while, but I ended up waiting for a friend to recommend a decent ebay seller to me. Such are the trials of beauty product fans living in backwaters like Australia, I guess! Thank goodness for the internet.

But back to this new nail polish: oh my stars and garters, this is gorgeous. I am a fan of purple but sadly purple is rarely a fan of me, what with my very pink skin and all. This, however, is that sort of plush purple that suits me to a T. The microglitter flecks of various shades of purple and possibly a few touches of gold give this a great depth of colour that looks unreal in bright light.  In low light it’s still recognizably purple, which makes a pleasant change from dark purples going black in low light.
This was a three coater for me, mostly because I was getting used to the shorter brush handle and shorter, less flexible brush bristles. On next application it should be a smooth two coats.

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