OPI Who The Shrek Are You? and What’s With The Cattitude? nail swatch and review

Today I’m reviewing two nail polishes from OPI’s Shrek Forever After collection – OPI Who The Shrek Are You? and OPI What’s With The Cattitude?

The downside of being in Australia is one that my fellow non-US/UK beauty fiends will know all too well – we get products significantly later than the US/UK release dates, if we get them at all.
I do understand why, honestly. I understand that from a pool of 20-something million potential customers, the market here isn’t huge. I understand the logistics involved in making sure your primary (US/UK) market is well stocked without overshooting your targets and finding yourself with an initial overstock. I understand about rolling out to retailers in multiple zones without the retailers getting trigger happy and breaking your street date. I also know, all too well in my case, the hoopla of managing PR and marketing strategies in multiple zones at the same time.

That doesn’t stop me from being vaguely annoyed about sometimes waiting months for products to hit the stores locally (and yes, I’m staring so hard at you, MAC).

But enough about that, let’s talk about a product release that only took six weeks to hit the shelves at my local beauty supply store: OPI’s Shrek Forever After collection!

OPI Who The Shrek Are You?

OPI Who The Shrek Are You?

OPI Who The Shrek Are You? is a bright, cheerful green, like a freshly polished Granny Smith apple. I can safely say that I had nothing like it in my collection, and I wasn’t even sure it would suit me. You know what? It actually did, in a weird kind of way.
The judges on my shameful secret addiction, MasterChef, have made use a few times of one of the most succinct taste descriptors I’ve ever heard: Yuck-yum. When something is so odd tasting that you’re compelled to keep eating it, it’s yuck-yum. When something tastes delicious but the texture is something your mouth is convinced you shouldn’t be eating, that’s a perfect description of yuck-yum.
Who The Shrek Are You? is, in the best possible way, a yuck-yum colour. When I was applying it I showed it to my partner, pulled a face and said that I didn’t like where this was going. When I woke up the next morning, I looked at it in the daylight and thought that it looked oddly beautiful.

It’s not a shade I’m going to reach for every day, but it is a shade that I know I’ll pull out every now and then, pop it on my fingers and then be oddly pleased with its yuck-yum qualities for a few days.

OPI What's With The Cattitude?

OPI What’s With The Cattitude?

What’s With The Cattitude? is a clean baby blue, but there isn’t enough white in the base to pull it into being a true pastel. The best way I can describe the way the colour sits on the nail is that it’s a blue version of the most perfect Mod pink nail polish you own – that key mix of pigment and white that strikes the right balance between colour and opacity.
Again, this isn’t a colour that I own already. I have a few Tiffany blues (China Glaze For Audrey, Kit High Roller) and a lot of royal and navy blues, but nothing this pale, bright and creamy. I’ve already reserved it to be a part of my ideal pastel/pastel-esque skittle manicure, something I’ll talk about later when I write about China Glaze’s Lemon Fizz ;)

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