NOTD – Recycle that wire!

NOTD - Recycle, Ogre-The-Top Blue

NOTD – Recycle, Ogre-The-Top Blue

Just a quick silly little NOTD!

I spent a happy morning fiddling around with some electrical components – I’ve done a few PC hardware courses a whole back and developed a bit of a nerdy interest in electrical work, if that helps to explain! – and decided to repaint my nails to match what I was doing. Following UK standard and IEC 60446, that’s grey for 3-Phase and blue for neutral, or here in Australia that’d be blue for a neutral wire in a flexible cable and grey as a protective outside layer. See, told you this was all a bit dorky!

China Glaze Recycle on every nail but the ring finger on both hands, which sported OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue. The perfect rubber grey and the perfect industrial plastic blue, albeit looking a little haggard and worn after a morning of cutting and splicing wires and crimping cables.

Geek nail girls represent ;)

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